Radio Logos

Broadcast your intentions with a radio logo designed to set the airwaves alight. Whether you want to promote your station or showcase your finest talent, our designers can deliver a logo to put you in the right spot for your audience. Bold fonts and dark colors make visual noise to turn up the volume on your logo, while headphones and microphones turn any theme into a radio show. If your station is dedicated to one style of music, a simple graphic plus your broadcast frequency will make your logo heard above the static.

Radio logo design inspiration

Microphones make your logo talk

Radio is all about sound whether you have a talk show or play music, so making a microphone a feature of your logo lets it speak on your behalf. Broadcasting microphones have a distinctive appearance making them instantly recognizable. Whether you opt for a vintage style one from the heyday of radio or a modern one to show off your beats, the oblong shape is ideal to build a logo around or add in as a feature of your graphics.

Bright colors increase the volume

Red and orange are considered to be loud colors as they are vibrant and eye-catching. Used in conjunction with bold black fonts and heavy outlines, results in a logo that broadcasts its intentions. Adding in primaries such as blue and yellow or secondary colors such as magenta and green to color in a thematic image, ensures your radio logo make the right kind of noise. Ask our designers for help with your radio logo concept to ensure it gets heard.

By Ciara

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