Publishing Logos

Be print ready with a publishing logo designed with the bookish in mind. Whether your focus is fiction or factual tomes, traditional publishing is all about leafing through a manuscript and turning it into the finished article. Not surprisingly then, book icons are prominent in publishing logos. Some publishers specialize in books on one particular topic, so travel, religion or scientific publishers have additional images which can be used to effect. Leaf through the gallery of samples below to see if you can find a logo that reads well.

Publishing logo design inspiration

Who are your readers?

When coming up with a publishing logo, you need to know who your target audience is. Is it prospective authors, booksellers, the general public? In fact, it is all three. Your logo needs to reach all of your potential authors and customers with a single message that says everyone is on the same page. Simple icons are excellent for conveying a single message, and this can help push your publishing logo into a being a readily identifiable brand.

Think thematically when telling your story

If you specialize in books on fishing, travel or home crafts, then this should be incorporated into your publishing logo. If you publish fiction that focuses on a specific genre, for example, crime or romance, then this should be your focus when choosing a logo. If you are a general publisher, the name of your company might be relevant and images used can be reflective of that. Ask our designers for help creating a publishing logo that tells your story.

By Ciara

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