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If you have public relations company, you know the importance of projecting the right image. Make the perfect pitch with a logo designed to win clients and influence people. As a large part of your business is knowing when to be quiet, you don't want a logo that is too loud. On the other hand, you are also asked to speak on behalf of clients, so you want them to know your ability to communicate effectively. Subtle, yet stylish, knowing, yet discreet, view our gallery of public relations logos below to find inspiration.

Public relations logo design inspiration

Use a less is more approach

Sometimes the art of communication means the things you don't say have a greater resonance than those you do. Public relations is an abstract concept and involves many different kinds of media, from print and broadcast to social and online. Trying to express this in a logo takes away from the simple act of communicating. Motifs such as birds tweeting or speech captions say so much more than lots of words and images and are ideal for use in a public relations logo.

Use fonts that whisper rather than shout

Some areas of media consultancy, where broadcasting your aims is a top priority, require a logo to be loud. Public relations takes a more subtle approach and is about defining perceptions. Fonts that whisper your message ensure you attract customers who appreciate your ability to be discreet. Small types that are all capitalized, and have a narrow weighting, can be combined with italic flourishes. These show you have flair and aren't afraid to be noticed but know how to pitch your message correctly.

By Ciara

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