Property management Logos

When trusting you with their properties, clients want to know they're in safe hands. Whether you manage a portfolio of commercial developments or a large-scale residential one, your property management logo should be reassuring. Using bright colors promotes a positive image, particularly when used in graphics of buildings. Vacation property management is often depicted through images of sunrise and the ocean, while commercial property is often identified through using pictures of skyscrapers. If you manage developments in a specific location, this can also make an effective graphic theme for your logo, as seen below.

Property management logo design inspiration

Show off the scenery

If you manage properties in a particular region, including references to the area will give your logo a visual focal point. Whether you manage villas and apartments by the ocean, or ski chalets in the mountains, making reference to the location is easy through the use of images that reflect travel and geography. If you look after commercial property in a big city, incorporating a recognizable landmark building or structure into your logo shows you are an expert in that area.

Domesticate a house with flora and fauna

If promoting residential property management, the challenge is to produce an image of a house that looks inhabited. Adding in trees and animals is one way that designers show a house has some life to it. Birds and insects are particularly popular as they create a sense of movement which makes the logo appear active rather than passive. An image of a house at night with the windows colored yellow to show it lit up from inside also makes your logo look lived in.

By Ciara

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