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Promote your printing company with a logo designed to increase customers. Whether you're a screen printer, design studio or digital printing company, we can deliver a logo to make you stand out from the crowd. Color palettes are important in printing and, whether you use CMYK or RGB, your logo should show off your range. If lithographic printing is your stock in trade, you can go for a simple mono mark that emphasizes the quality of your reproductions. View our gallery of printing logos below to find one that hits the mark!

Printing logo design inspiration

Make it eye-catching

Incorporating a spectrum of colors into your logo helps to sell printing services. Even using one or two spot colors in sharp graphics can establish your credentials. Colored fonts are an ideal way to incorporate color into a printing logo, particularly if you are going with a wordmark style. Using negative space is also recommended as it impresses a design sensibility that speaks to the marketers who often use printing services, and is particularly useful when creating mono, or black & white, logos.

Include the word print

It might seem obvious, but unless you are an established brand or sell an identifiable product or service, it is hard for a logo to communicate what your business is. Printing companies often overlap with design studios and packaging companies by offering a range of services, and the iconography used can be similar. If printing is your main business, you need to establish that by either using it in your name or in a strapline or subheading below your logo.

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