Podcasting Logos

It used to be talk radio was confined to media outlets with broadcasting capabilities, but with the advent of podcasting, anyone can have their say. Spread the word about your podcast with a logo that gets right to the heart of the matter. Whether you're a sporting genius, political pundit or financial guru, your podcasting logo should state what you're about. Using images that are compelling, creative and sometimes just fun, our designers can deliver a logo that speaks volumes about your favorite subject matter. Tune into our gallery of samples below for inspiration.

Podcasting logo design inspiration

Dial up the design

While some areas of industry and business lend themselves to subtle design, podcasting logos are all about getting heard. Loud designs featuring bright colors and bold fonts broadcast your intentions to ensure you get noticed. As podcasts are internet based, your logo will primarily be seen online so it is important to think about how it might look on various sites or in banner ads. Some designs and color combinations work better in print a while others can really stand out in digital format.

Make it relevant

Most podcasts are based around a particular topic so your logo should reflect this. If your podcast is related to finance there are a wealth of icons and type styles that are used to emphasize this. Some themes are more serious than others, and this will also have a bearing on your logo design. Microphones and headphones make good icons to incorporate into podcast logo designs and are useful for those that don't have a theme that is easily represented in graphic form.

By Ciara

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