Pizza Logos

Who doesn't love pizza? Tomato sauce smothered with mozzarella cheese and your choice of tasty toppings, it's a delicious treat for the senses. If you want to create an effective logo for your pizza parlor or restaurant, it needs to create a sense of hunger and excitement. Whether you specialize in traditional wood-fired pizza, or you have the best slices in town made to your grandmother's recipe, your logo is where you draw your customers in. Take a look at the sizzling logos our designers have come up with below to whet your appetite.

Pizza logo design inspiration

Use bright colors to heat up your logo

When choosing colors for a pizza logo, there are several obvious choices. Red and orange, known to create a sense of hunger, are frequently found in logos for restaurants and food products. They also happen to be the colors that deliver an actual representation of a pizza. Whether you use them in graphics or type, red and orange make any pizza logo pop and can turn a simple triangle image into a mouthwatering slice. Add yellow and green, and it's a feast for the eyes.

Wheel out some geometry

Creating an effective logo involves an understanding of geometry. To achieve balance, graphic designers draw on their knowledge of how to use shapes to create an image pleasing to the eye. When producing logos for pizza they have both circles and triangles at their disposal to create icons and images that are easily recognized. Whether representing a pizza dish with a single slice left on it or using a background for an image of a chef, circles and triangles make designing pizza logos easy as pie!

By Ciara

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