Pharmacy Logos

If you're looking for a pharmacy or dispensary logo, we have a range prescribed to fulfill your needs. Our designers have the technical expertise to dispense the right logo for your business by drawing on medical and health-related icons. Whether incorporating a pestle and mortar, the traditional symbol of the apothecary, or images of modern pharmaceutical equipment and packaging, they can prepare a logo that delivers a healthy message to your customers. View our gallery below to find a pharmacy logo design with the right chemistry for your business.

Pharmacy logo design inspiration

Keep the design clean

Logos for healthcare businesses, such as pharmacies, should promote the cleanliness of their environment. A clean logo design with minimal detail stresses this and subconsciously reassures customers their medicines are handled and prepared in a sterile environment. To achieve a clean logo design detail should be kept to a minimum; graphics presented in simplified form, and fonts free from decoration. Following these style rules means your pharmacy logo is readily identifiable in any language as belonging to the healthcare industry.

Medicinal colors

Blue is the color most closely associated with medicine as it has connotations of water and cleanliness, while green hints at the traditional role of the apothecary producing medicines from plants. Using these in simple fonts sends a message of professionalism. Red accents can be used, as red has a relationship with emergency medicine and nursing, although they should be kept minimal. When choosing colors, fonts or images for you pharmacy logo, ask our designers for their advice; they'll be happy to assist.

By Ciara

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