Optical Logos

Whether you provide glasses, contact lenses or optometry services, we have optical logos you'll love at first sight. Eyeglass frames and eyes provide a range of opportunities for designers to be creative with an optical themed logo. Using simple elliptical shapes and carefully designed typography, even a wordmark logo can have vision and flair. Frames can be used to create a geometric design, while the letter O is a natural home for circular pupils to peep out from. View our gallery of samples below to envision an optical logo for your business.

Optical logo design inspiration

Make it eyecatching

Whether you're a doctor of optometry or you sell prescription glasses, your business is all about eyes, so it makes sense to incorporate some aspect of this into your logo. Eyes offer the opportunity for a range of design features, from a simple geometric lens shape to a detailed representation of the iris. Eye shapes can also be used to embed graphics as reflections giving an added dimension to an optical logo. Ask our designers to assist you in developing a strong image for your brand.

Focus on fonts that are easy to read

Those looking for optometry services are unlikely to have 20/20 vision, so using hard to read fonts may not be the best idea. Capitalized fonts, preferably those with serifs as found on an optometrists chart, can be a simple and effective way to put text into your logo. Black isn't a necessity for font color however and shades of sapphire and turquoise, particularly if married with eye images to reflect the iris, can give your optical themed logo a striking look.

By Ciara

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