Nutrition Logos

Eating your way to good health has become a popular pastime. Whether you have a company that promotes a dieting program, provides supplements or you offer a whole wellness package, a good nutrition logo will attract a healthy client base. As much of nutrition is plant-based, images of leaves, grains, and fruits are popular inclusions in nutrition logos. Red, pinks, and oranges make colorful accents and highlight the natural colors of plant-based foods. Take a look at the samples below to see how our designers can help you get the most from your nutrition logo.

Nutrition logo design inspiration

Bright colors equal vitality

Give your nutrition logo energy by including a cornucopia of brightly colored symbols and food icons. Red, orange, yellow and green are all found in fruit and vegetables. Including these colors in your logo is a great way to ensure it ends up looking vitalized. Opting for softer, slightly muted shades with watercolor effects emphasizes the natural aspects of nutrition, as does including plenty of green in the form of leaves and plants. Alternately, the fitness element of nutrition can be incorporated into your logo.

Give it a positive theme

Good health equates to a positive experience so using images to reflect positivity can give your logo a boost. Sunrise and strength are popular tropes for this, while icons related to health emphasize the results of committing to a nutrition-based regime. Think about ways you can incorporate these themes into your logo whether it is word or image based. Our designers are experienced in developing creative solutions and can help you consider a range of options when designing your nutrition logo.

By Ciara

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