Motorcycle Logos

Go full throttle with a motorcycle logo designed to put you in the lead position. Whether you rent or sell bikes, or are part of a club or racing team, our designers can deliver a logo that will put you on the right track. Bikes are all about power and speed, so showing a rider in motion can help to sell your brand. If you have a club, you might want to go with an emblem that says what you're all about. Check out the thrilling designs below to get you all revved up.

Motorcycle logo design inspiration

Give it momentum

To emphasize the speed involved in motorbike riding or racing, make your bike or mounted racer look as if it is traveling. Having the image skewed at an angle gives the impression of motion and resistance. Lines that are blurred and trail into a point are also used to create a sense of movement and can be applied to both images and text to give the impression of traveling at speed. Arrows can also be used to add movement to your motorcycle logo.

Red and black echo paintwork

Two of the most popular colors used in motorcycle paintwork are black and red, with brands such as Suzuki and Ducati associated with each color. Red also represents speed and excitement and often finds its way onto customized paintwork in the form of flames. Using these two colors together, whether in combination on a white background or red reversed on a black background, creates the sense of excitement associated with motorcycle racing and can give your logo the throttle it needs.

By Ciara

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