Mortgage Logos

For most clients meeting a mortgage broker is the first step towards buying their new home. Creating a warm and inviting and inviting logo by choosing colors such as red, green and orange can create a feeling of comfort and reassurance. Used in images of residences or urban environments, they can help bring clients over your threshold. Our designers have produced hundreds of property related logos and can develop one for you to make your mortgage business boom. Take a look at the samples below to find one that's right up your street.

Mortgage logo design inspiration

There's no place like home

Incorporating images of houses into your logo helps emphasize the function of mortgages. Pitched roofs offer a simple way of doing this, whether you are using a detailed illustration or a simple line drawing. Using orange in your graphic creates a sense of warmth by implying that a building is a home rather than simply a house. Red is also used to promote the idea of a home providing warmth as well as creating a sense of excitement in purchasing a home.

Use your location to make it local

As most of your clients will be looking for homes in your area, it makes sense to use local references in your mortgage brokerage logo. If your business is based in a town or city with a recognizable landmark, incorporating this into your logo design will add appeal. Our designers can take a building or street name and find a symbol to represent it in a simple form. Prospective clients will then know you're the place to go for a mortgage in that area.

By Ciara

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