Mattress Logos

Get comfy with a mattress or bedding logo designed to make you sleepy. Usually, the last thing you want a logo to do is to make you feel tired, but for a bed or mattress logo that's a job well done! With a good night's sleep as the selling proposition, dark colors such as blue and black can help create a sense of deep, peaceful slumber. Ask our designers to come up with a logo for your bedding or mattress company, and you won't lose any sleep over it!

Mattress logo design inspiration

Keep bright colors to a minimum

When choosing colors for your mattress or bed logo, opt for something dark and soothing. Shades of ink blue, indigo, and purple all conjure up images of the night sky and can be combined with dark greys and black to lull you into slumber. Keep bright colors to a minimum and try and confine the use of red to sale or deal tags. Yellow is the exception to this rule and is often found in the night sky to color the moon.

Make use of negative space

When keeping color to a minimum in a logo, incorporating the white background, otherwise known as negative space, into the design can produce interesting results. If opting for a dark background, this can be used to create the impression of the moon and stars in the night sky simply by using one color. Negative space is also incorporated when creating simple symbols in a mono logo. Sheets, pillows, and bedding, which are often white, can be incorporated into your logo using just a few lines.

By Ciara

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