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If you need a legal logo for your law firm, you've come to the right place. Our experienced designers know how to highlight your company name using the conventions of legal communications. Law is a serious profession, so there is no room for ambiguity. You need to stamp your authority on your logo to show that you mean business. Monograms are often used to establish identity in legal firm logos, while dark blue, the color of law enforcement, is the most common choice for fonts. View our logo line-up below to see if one will appeal.

Legal logo design inspiration

Keep images to a minimum

Unless you have a specific reason to include an image in your logo advertising legal services, then they should be left out as a rule. Notable exceptions are those associated with the rhetoric of the profession. The scales of justice, a judge's gavel or the classical facade of a courthouse building can all be simply rendered in line drawing or symbol form without detracting from the professional image projected. Our designers can advise on the best way to incorporate an image into your legal logo.

The right shade of blue

While dark blue is the preferred color of choice for many law firm logos, it is important to ensure you don't choose a shade readily associated with another high-profile brand. Care should also be taken when choosing fonts for the same reason, particularly if working with white reversed out of a blue background. Silver and grey accents work well with navy blue and ultramarine and have also become synonymous with legal firms. However, working within these conventions, there are still opportunities to create a unique logo.

By Ciara

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