Learning Logos

Whether you're a Montessori school or an online learning program dedicated to one area of education, children's learning is all about having fun. Cute, cuddly animals, cartoon characters, and bright colors all spell out a great learning experience. Our designers know the A, B, C's of great logo design and have delivered hundreds of logos for elementary learning and education-based programs. Working collaboratively with them, you can ensure you get just the right image for your company logo. Browse our gallery below to find one that will help you achieve top marks.

Learning logo design inspiration

When it comes to color, the brighter the better

It's no secret that young children are drawn to bright colors, this is something toy manufacturers have known for decades. Very small children gravitate towards primary colors as their ability to distinguish a range of hues develops over time. Consequently, they develop early associations with particular primary colors and so at preschool and elementary level are still heavily influenced by these associations. However, color tone can vary substantially and even within these bright palettes it is best to choose complementary tones.

Add the fun factor

Even though your logo is directed at parents, when choosing a learning program it is important for parents to know their children will enjoy it. Images of toys and playful fonts bring the fun factor and can tap into the kid in all of us that wants to play while learning. Alternately, using images of baby animals appeals to the nurturing aspects of parenting. Ask our designers for assistance on developing your logo and have some fun while you do it!

By Ciara

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