Language school Logos

Whatever language or languages you teach, we can produce a logo that is easily understood. Using the language of visuals and symbols, our designers will translate your brief into a lively and interesting logo. Speech balloons, images of maps, and travel, all feature in language school logos, as well as geographical references to the location of the school. Letters and characters from different alphabets also make interesting visuals, incorporating these helps communicate the languages you focus on teaching. Ensure your language school is heard loud and clear with a logo like those shown below.

Language school logo design inspiration

Use speech bubbles to communicate

Languages are about communicating with others, and more than one speech bubble shows a dialogue is taking place. Using different colors for the speech bubbles helps emphasize the idea of people talking from different perspectives. When two or more are shown, it can imply a number of different languages and visually illustrates the concept of translation in simple terms. Populating the speech bubbles with simple symbols to show communication is another way to create a unique image for your language school logo.

Keep it simple

When teaching a new language focus is given early on to simple words. Think of your logo as a language tool, it is communicating in the most basic way that you have a language service. Keeping fonts and images simple and streamlined communicates your message to potential students enrolling who may speak a different language. Tell our designers what languages you focus on and who you are trying to appeal to and let them come up with a language school logo that speaks for you.

By Ciara

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