Investment Logos

Give your company the right image by investing in one of our logos, and you will reap the benefits. Whether you provide brokerage services or advice on the best mutual funds on the market, your logo is your calling card to clients. It should be strong, authoritative and give the impression your advice is worth its weight in gold. Our designers can deliver a logo that promotes this message through the use of striking visuals while remaining professional looking and reassuring. Choose the right investment logo for your company and watch your stock rise.

Investment logo design inspiration

Use metallics to emphasize wealth

Gold, silver, and bronze all represent various stages of winning but are also traditionally linked to currency. Despite the fact that the majority of the world's money is in paper or paperless form these days, images of metal and coin currency endure. Even if the gold standard is no longer in use, it prevails as an image of banking and finance. Incorporating gold, and to a lesser extent, silver and bronze into your investment logo sends the message your business is a profitable one.

Strong images send a message of reliability

Logo design is all about projecting the right image for your company. Your logo should emphasize the service you provide, your culture and mission statement. That sounds like a tall ask for a single image or piece of text, and yet this is what logos do every day. Through the use of visual metaphor, it is easy to give a company personality. Ask our designers to help you project an image of strength in your investment company logo, be it fierce animal or suspension bridge.

By Ciara

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