Insurance Logos

When shopping for a broker for home, business, life or even pet insurance, clients want to know they are in safe hands. Traditional styles of insignia logos create an image of reliability and the security that comes with that. Strong, solid fonts and dark colors enhance and emphasize this message. Our designers have developed hundreds of logos for insurance companies. Browse our gallery to see how they can help you grow your business by projecting the right image. We guarantee they’ll deliver a logo that gives your clients the assurance they need.

Insurance logo design inspiration

Capitalize on Upper Case

Lower case branding is perfect for modern industries. Technology, communications and the media all led the way, and it has become a staple for small businesses that want to stress the playfulness of their brand. However, insurance is a serious business, and those in the financial and legal worlds need to impress their clients with their business credentials. Using capitalization on every letter creates a sense of authority with traditional fonts emphasizing the reliability and established nature of the insurance industry.

Use blue to convey professionalism

Insurance, legal and financial companies often use blue in their logos, with Royal blue being a popular choice. As with the use of capitalization, this is because it implies authority and establishment, two impressions that are vital for companies offering insurance services. Accents of red and green can lighten this for areas of insurance related to the home as they create warmth and a sense of security. Ask our designers to help you find the right tones for your insurance logo.

By Ciara

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