Horse Logos

As symbols of endurance, horses have featured in logos for everything from banks to beer. Stallions signify independence of spirit, while draught horses represent industry and labor. Horse-related businesses range from training thoroughbreds to providing stables, and horses are often the star attraction at petting farms. If you're looking for a horse logo, our experienced designers can create one that captures the beauty and majesty of these creatures leaping fences or standing still. Browse our gallery of horse logos below to find inspiration for a design you will want to saddle-up!

Horse logo design inspiration

Make it a show pony

Horses are designed to move, whether jumping fences in a dressage competition, galloping over the course in flat racing or carrying children on rides. If your business is horses, then your logo should demonstrate this. Horses heads are commonly used in logos and insignia and are also capable of showing movement through the depiction of a flowing mane. Even if horses are not your primary business, showing them moving makes your logo dynamic, and helps send the right message whether you're a broker or a builder.

Use detail if warranted

Logo design often requires images to be simplified as a silhouette or highly stylized icon. While this is a good rule to follow, it is not always necessary. Some images lend themselves more readily to this while some benefit from being rendered in colored detail, depending on your target audience. If you're running pony treks aimed at children, for example, then including color and detail in your horse logo is a good idea. Ask our designers for assistance with choosing the right style for your logo.

By Ciara

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