Gym Logos

If you’re a gym, personal trainer or fitness guru, we have a wide range of logo designs to help you attract new clients. Fitness is all about being in good shape, so to sell your business you need a logo that shows that off. Weights and sneakers are a great way to highlight the services you offer, along with bodies engaged in workouts. Our designers have plenty of experience of creating logos for gyms and fitness-related businesses, so browse our gallery and let them do the heavy lifting.

Gym logo design inspiration

Use strength and movement

You can't get fit by standing still, so incorporating images of people engaged in activities is a great way to show the service you provide. Running, lifting weights and cycling are all popular choices that highlight the benefits of getting fit. The symmetry of weights means they lend themselves to logo creation and can make for an eye-catching design. Emphasize strength by using strong solid fonts in black or use bright pinks and greens to reflect colors found in sportswear.

Emphasize your business name

Draw on your business name as inspiration for images in your logo to differentiate you from the competition. Along with pictures of people exercising, using visual cues to illustrate your name can give you the edge. Typography can be used creatively to give a unique identity to your logo with images incorporated into the words. Brainstorm with our designers, they can help you to find clever and exciting ways to incorporate your name into your gym logo and get it in great shape.

By Ciara

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