Grill Logos

Feeling hungry? A good grill logo will have you salivating at the thought of a juicy char-grilled steak. Whether you want it rare, medium-rare, or well done, your logo is an invitation for customers to dine with you, so it needs to be appetizing. Flames are a popular motif and can be used to effect in all sorts of ways from adding flashes of color to background texture. Sample the logos below to see how our designers can help you serve up a sizzling grill logo for your restaurant or bar.

Grill logo design inspiration

Use red to make your logo sizzle

Reminiscent of the heat and flames from a charcoal grill, red is often prominent in logos for eateries. Studies have shown the color red creates excitement, which in turn is thought to evoke hunger and appetite. Consequently, it is used in packaging and logos for many foods and restaurants. In the world of grilling, it has the addition of being symbolic of the red meat and steaks that are a menu staple. When combined with black, it creates a vivid representation of the food on offer.

Make it family friendly

Grills are reminiscent of a certain relaxed, casual style of dining and the association with BBQ and home cooking makes them welcoming and inviting. Incorporating elements of grilling equipment, such as forks and tongs, into the logo emphasizes this family-oriented feel. Using scripted fonts in flame-friendly orange, yellow and red adds to this while giving your logo a sports or hunting theme with graphics can inject some personality into it. Ask our designers for help creating an individual logo for your bar & grill.

By Ciara

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