Golf Logos

You don't need to be Tiger Woods to score an ace with these golf themed logos. For clubs, carts or competitions, we have hundreds of logos designed to ensure your golfing business stays the course. Golfing is filled with readily identifiable images, making it a rich theme for logo production. From the classic dimpled ball, used to create a textured background or incorporated in typography as the letter O, to a player practicing their swing, there's a wealth of options available. View the samples below to see if you can improve your game.

Golf logo design inspiration

Make your design original

Clubs and balls are highly identifiable images when rendered with simple drawings and are used frequently in golf-themed logos. Spherical objects lend themselves easily to typography, and golf balls have represented everything from to punctuation to the often used letter O. Clubs and flags both have linear shapes making them great substitutes for lines and accents. The challenge is to find ways of incorporating these images into your logo that are original, which is where our designers can help.

You don't need a green to tee off

While green is an obvious choice for use in a golfing logo it also has connotations of business and the environmental issues. Using some green is nice but not necessary as golfing images are so recognizable even in black and white. Adding a single spot color can make your logo stand out, particularly when used with a mono logo and keeps your design simple and unfussy. Pink or yellow can liven up your logo and reflect the bright colors often worn by golfers.

By Ciara

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