Fruit Logos

Get yourself a tasty fruit themed logo for your business or enterprise, and it will be the apple of your eye. If you're a fruit importer, a juice company or perhaps just a fan of fructose, a logo featuring an apple, banana or pear can help give your brand a naturally sweet image. Fruits are ready-made icons and are easily identifiable by simple line drawings and, with a natural array of colors to choose from, the result can be a bright, upbeat logo. View the fruity designs below and see if you can pick one that's ripe.

Fruit logo design inspiration

Keep it simple

As many fruit shapes are unique and easily identifiable, using a simplified design can help give your logo a stylised look. A simple, curved yellow line is enough to represent a banana, while a pineapple crown is so recognizable it could be any color and still have the desired effect. Those with fruit related businesses may want to stick with traditional colors, but tech or media companies with a fruity flavored name can go all out and mix it up.

Fresh fonts make for tasty designs

Using green accents helps enhance the freshness of your fruit logo making them the ideal accompaniment in the form of colored fonts. Using lower case and mixing up font styles and colors can also give your logo an original and unique feel. Our talented designers have created hundreds of fruit themed logos for a range of different businesses and are happy to help you come up with a fresh and original take.

By Ciara

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