Foundation Logos

Highlight your cause with a foundation logo designed to inspire and uplift. Marketing and fundraising are key activities for non-profit organizations which often rely on charitable donations and volunteer staff to keep going. A foundation logo that emphasizes the cause you support can help to draw in both. Our designers have produced logos for a wide range of different foundations and can help you find the image that is right for yours. View the gallery of samples below to find inspiration for one that will raise your foundation logo to new heights.

Foundation logo design inspiration

Promote your cause with pictures

Charitable foundations support many different kinds of causes. Sometimes it is apparent from the name but not always. Let supporters and donors know what your foundation stands for by including graphics in your logo to make it stand out. Medical and educational nonprofits have a wealth of images they can choose from, as do faith-based foundations and those involved in animal welfare. If your organization has a less specific focus then images such as flowers, butterflies, and stars all send a positive message.

Give it some heart

Hearts are popular images to use in foundation logos as they signify positive feelings and the human aspect of helping others. They are also particularly useful for charities highlighting medical issues. While hearts are traditionally colored in red, they are so identifiable they can be incorporated into your design in whichever colors you feel are best to support your message. Ask our designers for advice on how to create a color palette for your foundation logo to represent your brand.

By Ciara

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