Food and beverage Logos

What is the number one thing a logo for food or beverage has to do? Tempt the customer. As well as establishing your brand identity, a logo is staking out your claim in the market. It needs to convey what you do, how you do it, and, of course, that you do it better than your competitors. You might think that sounds like a big ask, but with the right logo, you can make your clients and customers hungry to know more about you. Take a look at our gallery to see what our designers can do for your brand.

Food and beverage logo design inspiration

Natural food coloring

Food and beverages are all about satisfaction, and the key to selling them is evoking the memory of taste. Bright colors like red, orange and green mimic the natural colors of fresh food, while brown and pink prompt recall of confectionery and sweet treats. You don’t see much blue or black food so, it is best to avoid these colors unless using them as accents. However, blue is used to represent water or liquid so incorporating it into a logo to sell seafood would emphasize its freshness.

Use images to add personality

The best logos convey a sense of style and individuality. Food and beverage logos often incorporate similar images of products such as a coffee bean, a cupcake, or grain images for wholefoods. Fonts can be used to achieve a specific mood, serious, upbeat, fun, but images are what separate brands. Whether you want to go for a cartoon cow grazing to sell dairy products or an elegant line drawing of a coffee cup our designers will ensure your brand has a unique identity.

By Ciara

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