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Whether you’re a small film production company or an affiliate tv sports channel, you know your audience is the key to your success. Reaching them with the right message can make or break your ratings or create interest in your work. That’s why selecting the right logo is so important. Not only will it appear on your credits, it is likely to make a showing at festivals and conferences in the form of merchandise. Quirky and cool, or headline news, our designers can produce a range of logos to deliver your brand loud and clear.

Film & TV logo design inspiration

Make it memorable

In a heavily competitive and visual industry, the logo needs to make an impact. Logos for film and tv companies often only appear briefly at the beginning or end of the credits or in the corner of a screen crowded out by other information. Subtlety is perfect for online and print media, but bold lines and bright colors are needed in broadcasting or a movie theatre to ensure instant brand recognition. Given the industry, it is also worth considering how the logo might look in animation form.

Think outside the box

For film production companies, traditional film reels, cameras, and 35mm film are popular themes in logos. However, sometimes to stand out you need to be different. Often production companies have quirky names or focus on a particular genre such as wildlife documentaries which make a good jumping off point for the visuals. On the other hand, if you're a broadcaster that specializes in sports, for example, you might look at something different from the traditional sporting images in order to stand out from your competitors.

By Ciara

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