Fashion Logos

Looking for fashion logo designs to reflect the personality of your boutique? In the fashion world, style is everything. The style of a fashion logo can entice customers to check out your merchandise or convince them to walk away. One glance at your logo is all a potential customer needs, so it is important to create a strong first impression. Showcasing the style of your products with your logo helps viewers identify what you sell and whether it matches their individual style. Our designers have created hundreds of fashion logos for various boutiques, from elegant places to quirky ones. Each logo showcased the boutiques' personality to the viewer and branded the business well.

Fashion logo design inspiration

Use a Black Backdrop to Make the Design Pop

For most people, fashion is about standing out, working to distinguish yourself from other individuals by developing and expressing your unique style. A fashion logo that stands out immediately sends the message that the boutique can help others stand out with their products. Entice customers to check out your organization by creating a striking logo. Using a dark backdrop sets your logo apart from the more conventional white backdrop logos. It also makes the colors in the text and symbols pop more.

Add Texture to the Text and Symbols

One great way to make a design more visually engaging is adding textured color to the design. Using a metallic gold rather than simply the color gold helps add depth to the design. A shimmering glistening silver rather than plain silver adds an elegant feel to the image. Make the colors look like they are a given material, whether a velvety fabric or polished metal, subtly appeals to the quality found in these materials. When you use these material colors in your company name, it associates your company with the quality material. It is a simple way to associate your boutique with luxury and class.

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