Electrical Logos

If you're an electrical contractor or service provider, we can supply you with a logo to amp up your image. Using bold colors and simple graphics, our designers can help you come with a logo that is strong and powerful. Flashes of electricity, plugs, and sockets all help make an electrical business logos identifiable while using red and green help to denote the colors of live and earthed wires. Take a look at the gallery of samples below to see if you can find a style that sparks your interest.

Electrical logo design inspiration

Add some voltage

Lightning bolts or flashes are a great way to make your electrical logo identifiable as they can be incorporated into a wordmark logo through use of white space or typography. Other ways of showing electrical currents are by using a closed or open circuit and making this part of your logo as a border around the text. Simple images of two pin plugs can be rendered as icons while white space can also be used to show a two or three pin socket.

Make your colors primary

In physics, red, green and blue combine to make up the spectrum of colors the eye can see. Consequently, they are the strongest and most vibrant and, because of this, are used to denote wires in electrical circuits for safety purposes. Incorporating them into your electrical service logo gives it that vibrancy, and also assures clients you are safety conscious. Ask our designers to help you with your colors for your logo. We're sure the results will be electric.

By Ciara

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