Duck Logos

From ducklings often used in baby clothing and toy store logos to grown-up Mallards hunted in clubs, duck-themed logos have a range of applications. Choosing the right duck image for your logo depends on the audience you are targetting. Rubber ducky style images are suitable for baby-related businesses, while cartoon ducks can be used both in adult and child themed logos. Silhouettes of flying ducks are popular for hunting and duck farms but are also used as symbols of freedom. Our designers can help you pick the right duck for your logo.

Duck logo design inspiration

Make the design fit the bill

A duck's beak or bill is its most distinctive feature. Even with a simple line drawing of a rubber duck, this is what makes it instantly recognizable. Famous cartoon ducks get their character from the shape of their bill, making them friendly, cheeky or determined. So if creating a duck character for your logo, it is important to think about the image you want to convey. Chat with our designers about how to come up with a cartoon duck that fits your particular bill.

Let your duck spread its wings

If your duck themed logo is related to outdoor activities, showing it in flight will give it a sense of movement. When using characters in logos, giving them movement creates an active message rather than a passive one. Generally considered more positive from a branding point of view, active logos are seen to invite the consumer into action. Whether you are using a simple silhouette or detailed drawing, giving the duck in your logo wings can help your brand take flight.

By Ciara

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