Dog Logos

Whether your business is dog related or you just know the pulling power of a pooch, we have dog logos to get you wagging your tail with delight. From designer mutt cuts to yoga, dog pampering is big business, but even low-maintenance dogs with limited lifestyle demands need walking, washing, and training. If dogs are not your business, with so many different breeds to choose from a dog logo can be used to create an array of brand images and styles. Handled properly these can range from reassuring and authoritative, to fun and friendly.

Dog logo design inspiration

Match theme to breed personality

While the graphic representation of your dog can do a lot to establish the tone of your logo, this can be enhanced by playing up the personalities associated with different breeds. Retrievers, Labradors, and Collies are loyal and dependable. Lapdogs such as Scotties and Shih Tzus are cute and cuddly. Alsations are fierce guard dogs, and mutts have a scrappy, fun quality. Throw in a well-placed accessory and you can create a memorable character for your brand identity.

Keep bright color to fonts and accents

The majority of dog breeds are black, white, or a combination of both. When color is found in dog hair, it is in shades of gold, red, or brown. However, in many cases, it isn't required to identify a particular breed. If your logo begs for the inclusion of color in a dog illustration, for example, your company is named the Purple Pooch Pet Store then it is acceptable. Otherwise, it is best to keep it for use in fonts, accents, and backgrounds.

By Ciara

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