Digital agency Logos

Whether you're involved in game production, social media or application design, we can supply a logo to put your business on the digital map. Modern and innovative, digital agencies are at the cutting edge of technology and design, so a digital agency logo should stand out by making a bold statement. Unusual names and minimalist graphics can be combined with modern lower case fonts and plenty of white space to create a visual identity that is memorable and unique. Take a look at the digital agency logos below to find a style that appeals to you.

Digital agency logo design inspiration

Pixelate your design

Traditionally a pixellated design was the sign of an image that was reproduced in print at too low a resolution. However, one of the best ways to emphasize the digital element of your business is to mimic the pixels used to create digital images. These can be replicated by using squares to represent the pixels, either on their own or shown as breaking away from the image. Alternately, they can be used to create a grid effect in the background of your digital agency logo.

Try and make it iconic

Icon logos usually contain just the company name and an icon or symbol. Icons don't need to be a visual representation of something else they are simply a shape or design used to represent a particular company, with or without the name. Increasingly popular in recent years, icon logos often use only a single color reference that then becomes synonymous with that brand. Ask our designers how using an icon can create a strong identity for your digital agency logo.

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