Cycling Logos

Bicycles are not just a mode of transport; they are a fun, healthy way to get fit and take in the scenery. Whether you're a mountain bike team, a hire shop or, you offer cycle tours, we have logos designed to set your business wheels in motion. Bicycles lend themselves to simple designs and are easily represented in icon form, with just a crossbar and a set of wheels. Our designers have developed hundreds of logos with cycling themes and can deliver one to put you on the road to success.

Cycling logo design inspiration

The greenest form of transport

Bicycles are the most environmentally friendly form of transport there is. With no fuel or emissions to worry about, cyclists can feel virtuous about their low carbon footprint. Cycling is also predominantly an outdoor activity, and forest and mountain scenery are often incorporated into the background to illustrate this. Consequently, green and blue are the most popular choices of color for use in cycling logos. Use them in fonts or images of cyclists along with bicycle shapes ranging from wheels to handlebars.

Make it bespoke

With a range of simple images at their disposal, designers have the opportunity to get creative with cycling logos. Handlebars, saddles, and crossbars all offer shapes that are easily rendered, whether creating a pictorial or wordmark logo. Wheels, however, are the image most associated with bicycles. The round shape and spokes of a bicycle wheel make for a balanced and appealing design. Ask our designers to show you how including wheels can shift your cycling logo up a gear.

By Ciara

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