Cosmetic & beauty Logos

Cosmetic & beauty logos act as the face of the company. If your business is making people look good then it’s crucial your logo looks good too. Strong, bold visuals and eclectic fonts are appealing. Whether that means simple and streamlined or bold and bright is down to the image you want to project. Perhaps you’re an esthetician with a small boutique, or maybe you’re a manufacturer with designs on global domination. Either way, we can supply a logo that fulfills your needs. Take a peek at our gallery to see how our designers can beautify your brand.

Cosmetic & beauty logo design inspiration

Use a neutral color palette

As cosmetics and beauty are linked to the fashion world, on trend colors can be fickle and date easily. Updating your logo each season is not practical, so it is a good idea to stick to simple color palettes. Black fonts and white backgrounds are favored along with touches of pink which signify blush and lip colors that remain constant year round. As colors are kept simple, fonts and embellishments can be ornate to emphasize the decorative effect of beauty.

Add a little flair

While the simpler, the better is often the rule of thumb with cosmetic & beauty logos, there are some key motifs that recur. Sketches of a woman’s face are popular as they offer a visual representation of the service available in salons. Airbrushing text can give it a glossy sheen that indicates the result of great hair care. Splashes of color that look like makeup are also popular for both salons and cosmetics companies. Whatever logo you choose, ensure it says that your service and products have great style.

By Ciara

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