Contractor Logos

Let our designers do the groundwork on your contractor or building services logo, and you'll be delighted with the results. Whether you have a residential contracting business or a commercial one, we can produce a logo built to your specifications. With solid design foundations and decorated with a color theme of your choosing, your logo will take the heavy lifting out of selling your services to prospective clients. Think about who your target audience is and how your logo can best sell your services; for inspiration, check out the gallery of contractor logos below.

Contractor logo design inspiration

Create a good image using architects plans

If using an image of a house or building in your property, selecting one that mirrors plans drawn up by structural engineers and architects will differentiate your contractor logo from those of realtors. Three-dimensional plans with sketched lines create eye-catching graphics and sell the service of renovation and remodeling. A color wash with a high transparency can be added to give it hand-drawn appearance and the colors used can be picked up in the fonts and accents to give your logo a unified design.

Make text-only logos appear structured

Wordmark logos dispense with graphics and focus on creating an image using only text. Usually chosen for industries that don't involve any design aspect, they can be used for contracting logos but it is important they carry a visual sensibility. Angular shapes and clever use of negative space help to create designs that are visually appealing and have a sense of perspective. Ask our designers for help with constructing a contractor logo that will sell the service you deliver to clients.

By Ciara

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