Concrete Logos

If you're in the market for a new logo for your concrete business, then cast your eyes over our designs. For ready-mix, precast or concrete surfacing you want a logo that is strong and assured, just like your service. Bold fonts and bright colors help to sell the design of your concrete logo while using texture can help emphasize the quality of your mix. Take a look at the batch of concrete logos our designers have produced to find a style that is guaranteed to have new business pouring in.

Concrete logo design inspiration

Wordmark logos deliver solid fonts

When deciding the style to use for your concrete logo, it is worth considering the message you want to get across. Wordmark logos, those that are letter rather than graphic based, put the focus on the words used. Bold fonts create a sense of authority and convey the message your concrete is solid, strong and reliable. Using black text adds to this. Set the words in a bright color, red, orange or yellow, to make your logo really stand out.

Ensure you have a strong identity

Construction logos often incorporate images of tools and buildings to promote their services. Using icons in this way creates a shorthand that emphasizes the nature of your business. Terms such as precast or mix are used to promote concrete services but, if your company name doesn't include concrete, it may not be enough to identify the business type. Adding in images that either show concrete being poured or including a mixer can give your concrete logo that extra bit of identity.

By Ciara

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