Coffee Logos

These coffee logos will have customers queuing for a cup of your house blend. From frothy cappuccinos to the intense taste of an espresso, coffee lovers like to know the best place to go. Our designers can help you come up with a fresh design for your coffee shop to attract cool customers and quirky clientele. If you just serve an honest to goodness great cuppa Joe then make that the centerpiece of your logo. Take a look at the designs below for inspiration and see what you can brew up.

Coffee logo design inspiration

Make it look freshly made

Nothing says a piping hot cup of coffee like a bit of steam, and this is one of the best ways to highlight the freshness of your brew. Whether using a simple line drawing or a detailed design, ensure your coffee cup has steam rising from it. Sometimes the cup isn't even necessary, the word coffee and a few lines of steam can be sufficient to convey your message. Coffee beans are another great way to imply freshness and emphasize your coffee is freshly ground.

Give it some personality

Branding is big business in coffee. So whether you're a small independent coffee shop, a big chain, or a gourmet roasting company, it is important to establish a unique identity. Give your logo some personality by picking a strong, unique color combination or a simple character that ties in with the name. Alternately if your brand is trendy give it a stylish logo with simple modern fonts. Our designers can help you come up with a logo that will entice the clientele you want.

By Ciara

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