Chiropractic Logos

For those who suffer from back pain, chiropractors can seem like miracle workers. Spread the word about your practice with a logo designed to support your business. The spine, vertebra, and discs all offer a rich mine of images for use in chiropractic logos and can be incorporated into the type to great effect. Our designers can come up with ways to use these that will make your logo unique and give your practice the edge over your competitors. Browse our gallery for inspiration to get a logo with backbone.

Chiropractic logo design inspiration

A natural remedy

As chiropractic medicine is a natural treatment, images of nature are popular in logos promoting its practice. Trees, mountains, and landscapes are all used, often in conjunction with curved lines, to emphasize the natural curvature of a healthy spine. Curved and elliptical shapes are also used to break up images and underscore words, as well as denote the movement and freedom that chiropractic health offers. Blue and green fonts further emphasize the natural aspects of the treatment and can be livened up with splashes of color.

Make it dynamic

Giving your logo a sense of movement can ensure potential clients understand the message about the benefits of chiropractic medicine. Using images of people engaged in an activity or standing up straight with the spine highlighted can help to convey this. Other ways to incorporate dynamism into a logo are by using lines around objects or text to create an impression of motion. Ask our designers how you can make your chiropractic logo dynamic to get clients moving in your direction.

By Ciara

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