Candle Logos

Add some flair to your brand with a candle logo designed to illuminate. If you have a candle making or retail business, your logo should have a sensuous feel. Candles are associated with rest, relaxation, and tranquility, so whether yours are handmade from beeswax or scented with essential oils, your logo should create a similar mood. Flames are popular choices along with images of plants, flowers and the outdoors which accentuate the scents used in candle making. View our gallery of candle logos below to find a style that shines for you.

Candle logo design inspiration

Turn a spark into a flame

A picture of a candle without a flame is like a wine glass with no wine; it fails to sell the product. Make your candle logo glow to show off the appeal of candlelight. Touches of gold and orange create the visual of a flame and can be carried over into the fonts and accents. This glow can be extended to surround the entire image, or used to highlight typography in a wordmark style logo, to ensure it burns brightly.

Put the art into artisan

If your company uses artisan techniques to make candles, then using old-fashioned designs and fonts can help to sell the concept. Highly decorative fonts and ornate embellishments hint of the craft techniques from a bygone age. Including images of plants and flowers give an impression of the scents used to create artisan candles. Think about the fragrances you use in your candles and the colors in the flowers these are derived from, this can help you to find the right colors for your candle logo.

By Ciara

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