Cake Logos

Mmmmmmmmm cake! Bakers know all about creating tempting treats and putting their cakes out on display to entice customers in. Well, a great logo does exactly the same thing. If you’re a cake maker that specializes in cupcakes, wedding or fabulous illusion cakes, you need a logo that shows off your signature style. If you’re a cafe or bakery, you want your customers to know you have the best, most delicious, cakes around. Have a look at some of the logos our designers made earlier to see what style might tempt you.

Cake logo design inspiration

Make it look delicious

It doesn't matter how good your cakes taste if they look unappealing. Your logo is your chance to entice customers with visions of the delicious treats you have in store. To do this, not only does your logo need to be stylish to show off your cake design skills, it needs to create a sense of desire to bite into one of your creations. Bright colors, especially pink, trigger memories of icing and candy-coated sweetness, while the use of brown also prompts memories of moist chocolate cake. Yum!

Show off your creativity with fonts

Whether you create children's cakes, wedding cakes or showstopping masterpieces for all occasions, your logo needs to show off your creativity. Using decorative fonts shows your customers you are capable of delivering visually appealing designs. To make it more interesting, these can be combined with a graphic representation of your name to show your ability to think creatively. Our designers can help you establish your credentials by translating your unique style into a logo that is mouthwatering, memorable and enticing.

By Ciara

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