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Do you need a logo for your bookkeeping service or business? If so, you've come to the right place. Credit, where credit is due, our designers have experience creating hundreds of logos for the financial industry and can deliver a bookkeeping logo that will keep you in the black. Remember, your logo is where your clients are likely to meet you first so it should reflect who you are, be that serious and efficient or fun and playful. Take a look at the samples below to find a bookkeeping logo that will be an asset.

Bookkeeping logo design inspiration

There's more to bookkeeping than books

Using an image of a book in a bookkeeping logo might seem like a simple solution, but it is one that many have already thought of. If you want your logo to be unique and memorable then, incorporating something else into the book, or leaving it out altogether, might be a better solution. There are a number of images associated with bookkeeping that can be used in a logo from red and black numerals to more abstract concepts such as using scales to indicate the balancing of figures.

A bit of color will liven things up

If you want your bookkeeping service to get noticed, you need to do something to stand out a little. Using mid blue or green as the main color in your logo conveys an image of professionalism as these are often associated with accountancy and finance. However, you can liven it up a bit by adding splashes of brighter colors. Just a hint of red or orange can make your logo more appealing and can create a nice contrast if used to highlight certain words.

By Ciara

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