Bitcoin Logos

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in the business world, so get yourself in on the action with a bitcoin logo that shows you're on the money. If you're a bitcoin or cryptocurrency trader, you already know their value now you need a logo to tell the world. Our designers can help you come up with a logo that does just that. Strong fonts and coin symbols help to get the message across and will establish your brand as an authority. View our gallery of logos below and get ready to make your trade.

Bitcoin logo design inspiration

Gold and silver spell currency

Using gold and silver in your bitcoin logo helps those unfamiliar with the concept of cryptocurrency to understand its value. Discs that represent coins are popular icons and placing them on a black background makes them stand out, particularly if they are airbrushed to give a metallic sheen. If you opt to use color then, green is ideal due to its associations with paper money. It also helps to further emphasize the high value of bitcoin transactions.

Make it strong and bold

Finance isn't for wallflowers and bitcoin is cutting edge. A logo promoting bitcoin trading needs to be strong and bold to get that message across. As with traditional finance logos, fonts should be in upper case even if your approach veers towards playful. Images can be varied, but insignias that tie in with the theme of currency are the most popular choice. Ask our designers for help in coming up with a bitcoin logo that will make you stand out from the crowd.

By Ciara

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