Bear Logos

Whether a cute little teddy or a big grizzly, bears are popular symbols in logos and branding. Significant in various cultures ranging from Native American to Inuit, bears are characterized as both friendly and fierce. Symbolizing courage and authority, momma bears are used to portray images of maternal protection while brown bears are associated with hunting. Both brown and polar bears are frequently represented as cartoons, making them cousins to many beloved children's characters. View the gallery below to find inspiration for a fierce or friendly bear logo of your own.

Bear logo design inspiration

Cartoon bears are full of personality

Some of the most well-known cartoon characters of all time have been bears. Cheeky, funny, sweet and irreverent, they possess a range of different personas. Whatever your business, you can give your bear logo some personality by making turning it into a cartoon. Polar bears can be cool, teddy bears have a childlike quality and, a big brown grizzly bear can be a welcoming friend in the wilderness. Think about your business and how a bear can add personality to your logo.

Track a fierce bear logo down

Sometimes in speech, we use an item that is part of something to signify the whole of it. We might refer to a car as our wheels or our clothes as our threads. Designers often do the same with logos where a single image has to say a lot. Bears leave distinctive tracks, and a bear claw imprint can be a great substitute for using a whole bear in your logo. Ask our designers for advice on how best to develop your bear-themed logo.

By Ciara

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