Barbershop Logos

Whether you offer a traditional hot towel shave or a good old-fashioned haircut, you need a barbershop logo designed to attract customers. Our experienced designers can deliver a creative and unique take on the traditional barbershop signage with its distinctive red and white pole, or work in the tools of your trade to create a sharp image. Traditional fonts can give your logo an authentic look, while a modern, minimalist design will attract hipster clientele with facial hair to be tamed. View the samples below to find one that cuts it for you.

Barbershop logo design inspiration

An ancient logo can create a modern design

With its distinctive red and white stripes, the barber's pole dates back hundreds of years. Originally it signified the bloodied bandages from dental and surgical procedures barbers carried out before medical practices existed. Thankfully a visit to a barbershop today involves no loss of blood, but the sign has remained as one of the oldest logos in existence. Its distinctive stripes mean that in any color combination it can be used to identify your logo as belonging to a barbershop.

Use the tools of the trade

After the red and white pole, straight razors and scissors are the images most associated the barber's profession. Incorporating these into your logo as graphics or in the form of clever typography helps to establish your credentials. Make them part of an emblem logo using negative space or use them to cut or slice another image. Handlebar mustaches are popular too and can add a flourish to a border that underlines text or become the central point of your barbershop logo.

By Ciara

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