Aviation Logos

Get a high-flying aviation logo, and your business will be soaring. Whether you're an aviation company, a flight training academy, or a fan of all things aviation-related, our designers can deliver a logo more aerodynamic than the Wright Brothers. From modern day jet airplanes to mechanical gliders from the earliest days of flying, a wealth of images are available when crafting an aviation logo. Even a simple pair of wings or a paper airplane can create the desired effect. Check out our gallery below for a logo style to make your business take off.

Aviation logo design inspiration

Give it wings to make it fly

Even if your aviation logo doesn't feature an actual airplane, it can still convey images related to flying. Wings are a popular choice and particularly relevant for companies involved in flight training. A feature of pilot badges introduced during WWII, wings can be used to flank a circle featuring an image or the company name. Whether modern and stylized or harking back to the traditional aviation badge, in gold, silver or blue, they mimic the design most often seen today on airline pilots.

Blue skies ahead

Blue is not compulsory as a color for an aviation logo, but it does conjure up images of clear skies. Rather than marine blue or navy, aviation logos tend towards Cobalt and lighter blues that are warmer in tone. These harmonize with yellow and gold, both found in flight-themed logos in images and fonts. Ask our designers for help on choosing the right colors and images for your aviation logo, so it reflects the image you want to project.

By Ciara

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