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If you need a logo for an auto sales dealership, you've hit the marque! Sleek silhouettes and shiny emblems drive the engines of auto sales logos. Black, silver, and red are the most popular colors for new car sales, so these are common in dealership logos. Airbrushing gives the impression of glossy paintwork as well as creating a three-dimensional quality, while badge or emblem logos mimic the marques of car manufacturers. Take a look at the auto sales logos our designers have come up with below and test drive one today.

Auto sales logo design inspiration

Make it fast and furious looking

Even if you're selling family friendly station wagons or SUV's cars are associated with speed. Give your auto sales logo go faster stripes by using an image of a speedy roadster. Seek silhouettes create streamlined images of cars associated with the great racing marques. Our designers can help you promote your auto sales business by incorporating these classic styles into a horse-powered logo. Throw in some silver highlights to evoke metallic rims, and you're ready to hit the road.

Use black and silver to replicate bodywork

White is the most popular car color in the world, with black and silver coming second and third respectively. As grills and headlamps tend to be predominantly chrome, it makes sense to use black and silver in an auto sales logo. If using a black background, silver is effective for silhouettes and fonts, and, by using an airbrush effect, creates the impression of gleaming chrome. Red, blue, and green are ideal for adding flashes of color to your auto sales logo.

By Ciara

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