Animal rescue Logos

Promote an animal rescue service with a logo designed to tug at the heartstrings. Pet sanctuaries provide a vital community service, picking up waifs and strays, providing them with medical treatment, and eventually rehousing them. Dependent on donors to help fund their services, a strong logo or identity is necessary in order to raise donations. Images of dogs and cats are popular, along with pictures of hearts and houses. Give your animal welfare charity an edge when it comes to fundraising, with a logo designed to make pet lovers paws for thought!

Animal rescue logo design inspiration

Show that you house your animals

As animal rescue services provide sanctuary, an image of a kennel or simple pitched roof can be used to effect in your logo. By visually showing animals such as cats and dogs in a house or kennel, the immediate service of rescuing strays is highlighted, as well as the eventual aim of rehousing animals. The resulting logo will appeal to those looking to support your services through donation or volunteering, along with those seeking to give a rescue animal a new home.

Pets are happy to be rescued

When including pictures of animals in your logo, give them happy demeanors. There are a number of ways this can be done. If using a cartoon style animal, a smiling face or winking eye creates a happy looking pet or, if using a silhouette, tails for both cats and dogs can be raised to indicate their joy. Our designers can help you develop an animal rescue logo to ensure that all your rescued strays get the happy ending they deserve.

By Ciara

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