Animal Logos

From car brands to sportswear, logos featuring animals are some of the most enduring and popular. Large cats denote speed and ferocity, while animals from bats to birds are used to sell liquor. In many cases, the logo has little to do with the name, service, or product. A large part of this stems from the personality types we attach to specific animals; horses are fast, dogs are cute, lions are fierce. If you want to harness the appeal of animals in your logo, our designers can help you to draw it out.

Animal logo design inspiration

Fierce or cute and cuddly?

Deciding what personality you want your animal logo to have is an important part of building your brand’s identity. If you are a financial services company and have chosen a lion because it represents ferocity, power, and dynamism, the logo needs to embody this. Experienced designers can make a lion appear cute, angry or majestic with only a few pen strokes or pixels in the difference. Ensure you let them know exactly what type of lion, horse or penguin you are looking for.

Use fonts to support the personality

Fonts can go a long way to establishing a tone of voice in a logo. With or without a tagline, a logo should establish the brand personality. As with images, certain fonts are shorthand for different styles and even professions. Many legal, financial and professional services still use traditional serif style fonts. This is because it sends the message of traditional work practices and business processes. On the other hand, a coffee shop that has a squirrel as a mascot may want to choose something more playful.

By Ciara

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