Adventure Logos

Get ready for an outdoor adventure logo designed to attract thrill seekers. Our designers have developed logos for hundreds of adventure tour operators and businesses, so you're in safe hands. Whether you offer climbing, skiing, kayaking or RV hire, we can help you draw in clients with a logo that shows off your adventurous spirit. Scenes featuring forests and lakes make popular choices, with color and detail displaying the splendor of the outdoors. Explore the gallery below for inspiration and get ready to embark on your own logo adventure.

Adventure logo design inspiration

Fill it with color to give it appeal

The appeal of outdoor adventure tours is being surrounded by nature. From seas and rivers to mountains and forests, outdoor scenes offer a wealth of color and design options for your logo. Fill it with blues and greens to show off the scenery; add in orange to show off the splendor of a bright sky at sunset or sunrise. Brown and ochre yellow make ideal accents and can be incorporated into the text. Ask our designers for help on getting your outdoor look just right.

Make it emblematic

Emblem logos are a popular choice for many businesses. They are particularly suited to adventure and travel themes as they allow for the inclusion of a scene in a contained area. In terms of creating an outdoor adventure logo, emblems evoke the badges and insignia of park rangers and boy scouts, prompting memories of childhood camping trips that often appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Alternative options to use are wordmark logos containing typography that incorporate images related to the activities on offer.

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