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"3 Stars and a Sun"
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Vereniging Bosch en Duin

Prizm Pythonz

La fabrique à e-liquide


Goog designer

1 month ago

Ogden Axolotls


Schiena is a more capable designer than I /ever/ expected I'd find here. Their quality of work is phenomenal. They demonstrated a thorough understanding of my company, and the animal that is the subject- which was highly appreciated. I can tell they actually read my brief, understood my needs/wants/expectations, and (I believe) did some of their own research. They really nailed this logo from the very first submission. I had some reservations about how certain aspects would look when used on various applications, and they immediately went to work (without me asking) on making a few revisions of ones that would work better. Schiena takes initiative and pride in their work. I am very thankful and appreciative of the hard work schiena put into this contest for me. Very capable, and skilled designer right here!

2 month ago

Academy of Dance

Tumbi Boy Entertainment



4 month ago

Soul Speak


Schiena understood the look and feel of what I was going for, and carefully evaluated the design elements requested to develop a beautiful logo for my business. I couldn't be happier!

4 month ago

Singh for City Council

Gurinder Singh Khalsa

Schiena is wonderful person to work with. Specially she is having patience. Thanks. Almighty bliss !!!

4 month ago

Pro Five Brewing Company

Revolutionary Serpents

Troop 373

Freedom Logging Ltd

Holiday Party


Just what we were looking for.

7 month ago

Metrocorp Cranes

The Solar Guy


Got exactly what i wanted

7 month ago

The Great British Football Weekender


This is the second design we have selected from schiena she has fantastic response time and always delivers any design revisions with great accuracy. I recommend inviting her to your projects. John

7 month ago

The Salt Expert


schiena's initial designs were good and I could see that we could, together, evolve them towards something that would match my vision. schiena responded quickly and creatively to my feedback and, in the end, my two favourite designs from the three finalists were both designs by schiena. I am very happy with the end result.

9 month ago

Salt Water and Sails


Great job

10 month ago

Elly Michaela Boyce


Takes feedback very well and always provided multiple revisions and ideas.

10 month ago

Hawk Inspectors


Schiena was awesome! She is a really talented designer and we would highly recommend her for any project you are considering.

10 month ago

Center for Advancement


Excellent design!

12 month ago

Wizardly Gadgets


Phenomenal design work. And from her thank you note, I think I would have really enjoyed working with her more. But the first one was so spot on!

1 years ago



Thanks again , great work

1 years ago