Balanced Fitness & Body

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personal trainer & massage
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    Logo Name
    Balanced Fitness & Body
    Company Intro
    personal trainer & massage
    i wouldn't mind a body/outline with in my logo. i like grey/silver/white & then a colour added something bright a gold or rose gold. with the designs i have picked: if we could possibly mix them all into one. I like the sophisticatedness of the beauty type logos but the boldness of the writing I would like the logo to try and represent the massage & the personal training side too Thrive example - if someone could design something like this but with calligraphy style lines. Instead of the leave design either side of the body maybe weights to keep with in both areas of the business. Dr Heather example--like this one alot too, wouldn't mind seeing what you creative guys and girls could come up with again still making a logo that represents massage and pt Light rose example-love the lines and simplicity of the design Pearl example--I do like the idea of the hand and maybe something inside the hand to represent both sides of the business Moon time & movement example--the simplicity Grabs me but still want the logo to be obvious to what the business might be about

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